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The Glencor Driving Instructor
Grade A Teaching Skills
And Lessons

Dave, your Glencor driving instructor, is: -

  1. registered with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) as an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor);
  2. examined, licensed and checked by the DVSA, so always ensuring professional driving school lessons;
  3. a GRADE A driving instructor - teaching skills;
  4. a registered instructor for the Pass Plus driving school lessons;
  5. trained in assisting/helping people with nervous/new situations;
  6. the designer and producer of the Glencor Driving School website.

Driving Lessons Are : -

  1. a.    either the standard one hour driving lesson per week or several driving lessons per week;
  2. b.    always geared to encourage learners to attain a very high standard of driving as quickly as is possible;
  3. c.    focused on 'Safe Driving For Life' thus providing a good base for passing the 'L' driving test;
  4. d.    given with 'Total Commitment and Confidence' during all driving lessons.

Dr Madhura Phatak of Kilmarnock, Driving Lesson Testimonial
I never imagined that I could drive. All the credit goes to David. I would only say that he is a great teacher.

During every driving lesson you will be informed of your progress, and not just at the end of mock tests. This way you will be able to improve your driving during each lesson and will know what to expect/improve on for your next driving school lesson. Also, if you will be driving between your lessons then you will be in no doubt as to what you should be practising for your driving test and your life long driving.

For those who can practise driving between their lessons, don't worry about picking up so called 'Bad Habits'. Driving between lessons can dramatically improve driving skill and confidence, two major factors in learning to drive, and 'Bad Habits' can virtually always be eliminated in minutes for those who are just learning to drive.

With the 'Young Scot' card you can hire the Arnold Clark dual controlled car at 2hrs for the price of 1hr.

Lesson Start Time
As your driving instructor, I will always endeavour to meet you at the time booked. However, this can vary due to traffic conditions and I may arrive 10 minutes earlier/later than the time booked. In all cases, the full lesson time booked will be given OR alternative arrangements will be made e.g. the time 'lost' will be added onto the next lesson where this is viable and agreeable with you the learner.

Data Protection Act
The Data Protection Act prevents a driving instructor from discussing his learner's lessons/training with parents and/or other third parties without permission from the learner. If such information is to be divulged, then a letter of consent will be provided for the learner to sign.

Adam Patterson of Kilmarnock, Driving Lesson Testimonial
To start with I was nervous about learning to drive, but after 5 minutes in my first lesson Dave had calmed my nerves by clearly explaining what was required to get the car moving. As the weeks went on and I grew in confidence, Dave taught me the manoeuvres and with practice and his guidance I was able to pass my test first time. It took a bit of getting used to driving without him in the passenger seat giving me directions. Thanks Dave.

Drive with CASUAL hand and foot movements.
The only thing working hard is the engine.

Be prepared before your first Glencor Driving lesson

What To Bring For Your Driving Lessons

For Your First Driving Lesson: -
  1. those with the new style driver's licence should bring the photocard,
  2. those with the paper only style licence should bring both their driver's licence and a passport,
  3. those with an international (non-UK endorsed) driver's licence should bring along their driver's licence and a passport.
  4. the monies for your first driving lesson or the monies for your block booking.
  5. a pair of sunglasses, the sun in Scotland just might decide to pop out!

For Your Next Driving Lessons: -
  1. bring your driver's licence, this should be with you every time you are driving. (For the new style licence, bring only the photocard).
  2. any monies due, if necessary, for your driving lesson.
  3. progress report (I will give this to you on your first lesson).
  4. and again, because they do help, a pair of sunglasses.

Want to be somebody?
Don't drive after drinking.

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