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Theory Test For Car Drivers


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Theory Test Questions & Hazard Perception
For Learner Car Drivers

The Theory Test For Learner Car Drivers

Assistance will be provided with: -

  1. a.    Training material (if required);
  2. b.    Question and answer queries;
  3. c.    Tips on how to pass;
  4. d.    Applying for your theory test.

Mary Cameron of Kilmarnock, Driving Lesson Testimonial
I really enjoyed my lessons with Glencor. Dave taught in a clear and concise manner and always made me feel at ease to ask questions about anything I didn't understand. I would definitely recommend him to anybody wanting to learn to drive. Thanks Dave!

Practice the Theory for FREE.
If you have a public library card then you can practice the theory at a public library OR from home. For East-Ayrshire Library members, who want to practice from home, go to and click on the 'Theory Test Pro' link.
If you don't have a library card then either visit your local library for a free card or use the Theory Test Pro registration page for your free registration.

Don't Pay Unnecessary Admin Fees.
Some websites charge an admin/booking fee if you use them to book your theory test (and/or driving test).
BUT, if you book directly through the DVSA website then you only pay for the test.
Also, you receive all the DVSA guarantees without having to pay an extra admin/booking fee.

Clicking on the DVSA link below takes you direct to the DVSA booking service.

Book your Theory Test online: -

Free link to book your theory test online

To change or cancel a test without losing your test fee you must give the DVSA 3 clear working days notice.
Note: exceptional circumstances e.g unexpected medical reasons, bereavement, school exams, etc. will be considered at short notice.
DVSA enquiry line (or booking line):- 0300 200 1122 or Minicom 0300 200 1144

Heather Green of Kilmarnock, Driving Lesson Testimonial
Learning to drive with Glencor was a pleasure. David was always on time and very patient, speaking very clearly which was a great help to me as I have a hearing problem. Since passing my test I've become a confident, patient driver all thanks to Glencor.

Theory Test

Both the theory test questions and the hazard perception for learner car drivers.

  1. Theory Test Fees
  2. Question section explained
  3. Hazard Perception section explained
  4. Study material
  5. Ayrshire Theory Test Centre
  6. Documents needed on the day of the test
  7. Cancellations at short notice
  8. Special Needs

Theory Test Questions - Theory Test Hazard Perception - Hazard Perception Video Clip - Mouse Clicking Tips

Only a fool breaks the two-second rule

Theory Test

Theory Test Fee (includes the hazard perception) - All test times - £23.

Question section - first part of the Theory Test.

  1. What's involved? - using a touch screen computer, answer 50 theory questions in a time of 57mins. For 5 of the questions you will be given a scenario and the questions will be related to the scenario.
  2. What's a pass? - answer a minimum of 43 questions correctly to pass. Results given on the day.

Tammy McWilliams of Kilmarnock, Driving Lesson Testimonial
After being with two other driving instructors my confidence in driving was very low but even after one lesson with David I felt a lot better! David is a very calm and patient driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great driving instructor.
Jade McWilliams of Kilmarnock, Driving Lesson Testimonial
Dave is very patient and a very calming driving instructor. I had another driving instructor before Dave and I knew after my first lesson with Dave I wouldn't be moving driving instructor again. The way he teaches you is easy to remember and easy to grasp straight away. I was very nervous when I found out Kilmarnock test centre was shutting down and I would have to do my test in Irvine but this wasn't a problem after Dave told me he had lived in Irvine for 20 years+ and Dave knows Irvine very well and packs in loads of Irvine in every lesson. Would recommend anyone to Dave who wants to pass their test and become a great and safe driver.

Hazard Perception section - second part of the Theory Test (taken on the same day).

  1. What's involved? - a series of 14 video clips will be shown on a computer screen. One of the clips will contain two developing hazards while the other clips will contain only one. You will be scored on how soon you respond to the hazards by clicking on the computer mouse. Note: you only need to click the computer mouse and DO NOT need to move the mouse pointer.
  2. What's the scoring - the scoring starts at 5 at the beginning of each developing hazard then quickly counts down to zero therefore the maximum score is 5 for each of the 15 hazards = 75 in total.
  3. What's a pass? - score 44 or more to pass. Results given on the day.
  4. Tips On Clicking - as soon as you recognise a potential hazard click on the mouse button, then if the hazard develops, quickly click the mouse button again. You will not be penalised for clicking the mouse button two or three times for the hazard and the system will always take the click that has the highest score for the hazard. So, for any hazard, if you click too soon (=0), then click on 5, then click again on 2, the system will give you a score of 5. Note: Do not just simply keep clicking all the way through the clips or click in a regular pattern as the system might think you are trying to cheat and present you with a score of zero for that clip. I have clicked as many as 9 times during a clip (three times for the actual hazard and three times each for what looked like two other potential hazards) and did not get penalised for clicking too often. This is because I only clicked when I saw a potential/developing hazard.

Dr Mohamed Othman of Kilmarnock, Driving Lesson Testimonial
It was a great experience learning with Glencor. David was very patient, tolerant and an excellent tutor and that led me to pass my test. I will definitely recommend him not only for being an excellent tutor but also a nice person.

Study material - the study material can be found in Book, DVD, CD-ROM, App or Online.
  1. Where to buy - from various stores as well as from:-
  2.    TSO Shop
  3.    DVSA Online Theory.
  4. Free online sources.
  5.       Right Driver
  6.       Driving Test Success

Ayrshire Theory Test Centre - 7A Boswell Park (1st flr), Ayr, South Ayrshire, KA7 1NP   View Ayr Theory Test Centre On Google Maps
Note: On 6th September 2021 this will change to Suite 1b, 7B Boswell Park

Documents needed on the day of the theory test: - (the test WILL NOT take place without these documents)
  1. If you have a photo licence - take the photocard of your valid driver's licence.
  2. If you don't have a photo licence - take your driver's licence plus a valid passport.

Christine Stevenson of Kilmarnock, Driving Lesson Testimonial
Driving was always something I thought I could never do..... Until I started learning with Dave. Having put it off for years I finally decided to do it and I am so glad I went with Glencor. His relaxed approach and excellent instruction gave me the confidence to continue even when I would get frustrated when I couldn't get reverse left right! I couldn't wait for the next lesson, he really is a great guy and also had such a laugh. Not only did I pass first time but it's given me the confidence to be a good safe driver all thanks to Dave. Highly recommended!.

Cancellations at Short Notice: - (Call 0300 200 1122 or Minicom 0300 200 1144, Compensation Form)
  1. The DVSA cancelling your theory test
  2. If your test is cancelled at short notice by the DVSA for circumstances other than adverse weather conditions then reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses will be considered for: -
  3. Travelling expenses to a theory test centre
  4. Lost earnings through taking unpaid leave (usually for a half day).
  5. If you cancel due to medical reasons
  6. If you need to cancel your theory test at short notice due to medical reasons then the DVSA will consider arranging another appointment at no further cost. A doctor's certificate is usually required.

Kevin Cochrane of Irvine, Driving Lesson Testimonial
David is a great teacher who put me at ease from the first moment I stepped in the car. I found David to be a true gentleman who fitted me in at very short notice. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody learning to drive; he made my lessons very enjoyable, thank you David for helping me pass my test.

Special Needs - The DVSA recognise that some people require alternative/extra information for their theory test and, if necessary, they will allocate extra time for the test. When booking your test you should inform the DVSA of any of the following.
  1. The need for wheelchair access
  2. If you have hearing difficulties or are deaf and need:
  3. signed on-screen British Sign Language (BSL) for your test; or
  4. if you do not use BSL, to bring a lip speaker or signer with you.
  5. If you have reading difficulties or are dyslexic and need:
  6. An audio English version of the test; or
  7. Additional time to take the multiple-choice part of the test.
  8. From 7th April 2014 the use of a foreign language test is no longer available.

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